CIBC Visa Debit Card (with Interac)

Carte de paiement Visa Debit CIBC***NEW***
CIBC Visa Debit Card (with Interac)

Card Type


How much money can the card hold?
CIBC bank account balance

Usage Fees
Normal bank fees applies
Choose your plan at the bank

Card Replacement Fees
Doesn’t apply

Standard Lifetime
Unlimited, as long as your CIBC bank account is active

Works with Online Poker Rooms?
Yes: Poker Stars and Fult Tilt Poker

Where and how to get a CIBC Debit Card?
Open a bank account at your CIBC bank

Note regarding the CIBC Visa Debit card
The card has two functions: it’s a card that works with Interac (direct payment) and that is accepted almost anywhere where the Visa Card is accepted. The cash limit that you can use with the CIBC Visa Debit Card is your bank account’s balance.